SoftFlex™ Premium Comfort™ Breast Pump

  • Flexibile and convenient
The SoftFlex™ Premium Comfort™ Breast Pump provides more flexibility and convenience when it comes to breast feeding. You can express, store and feed milk using any Nûby™ NATURAL TOUCH™ bottle or cup. This helps you give your baby the benefits of breast milk and continue breast feeding even longer! Includes: 1 Flex Neck Silicone Horn and hygienic travel cover, 1 5oz | 150ml Natural Nurser™ with screw ring and Silicone Storage Lid, 1 Nipple Assembly (includes Breast Sized Silicone Nipple, screw ring, sealing base and hood), 1 5oz | 150ml Silicone Nurser™, Breast Pump Standing Cradle and 6 Disposable Breast Pads