2pk Breast Aid™

  • Helps soothe breast-feeding discomfort.
Relieving breast-feeding discomfort has never been this easy! The Breast Aid™ by Nûby™ is a breast care tool designed to help relieve soreness, and provide fast relief for tender breasts resulting from the pain associated with engorgement, blocked milk ducts, and/or mastitis. For prompt relief from these discomforts, simply heat or cool the Breast Aid™ gel packs to Nûby™ recommendations and slip them into your nursing bra. The Breast Aid™ gel packs, which are medically tested and researched, contain pûrICE™, an FDA approved gel that is an efficient tool for warm or cool therapy. Unique properties in the gel allow it to maintain its desired temperature longer than other materials. The gel packs are hand-washable and are shaped to slide comfortably and discretely into any size nursing bra.