360º Wonder Cup™

By Nuby
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  • 360° drinking edge
  • Seals when child stops drinking
  • SKU: 10363


Engineered to make drinking and handling easier, designed with two people in mind, the No-Spill™ 360˚ Wonder Cup™ is perfect for beginners. Your little one will find the transition from bottle to cup an easy one with the cup's rim that can be sipped fom all sides. You will be delighted with the transition thanks to Nûby's valveless, leak-resistant design. The soft silicone rim insert is uniquely designed to prevent drips and spills while being delicate and gentle to baby’s gums and emerging teeth. The pressure sensitive TOUCH-FLO™ feature regulates fluid intake with sucking action of child. When sucking action ceases, the silicone seals, ensuring a leak-resistant cup. The cup is made from durable, break-resistant plastic which is BPA FREE. 

  • 12+ months
  • 10oz/300ml
  • 360° edge allows drinking from any place on the rim
  • Seals when child stops drinking
  • Helps transition to open cup drinking
  • Touch-Flo™ lid allows child to drink from any angle
  • No-Spill™, No leaks, No mess!
  • BPA Free
Customer reviews
Easier to drink but too many spills!
I have really appreciated finding a 360 cup that my daughter can actually get fluids from! We have tried several brands but all other brands required too much suction and very little liquid came out for the effort. Nuby has solved this problem! However, these cups are too prone to spills. My daughter often tips her cup over or even drops it off the table. Every time, I have a huge splattered mess to clean up. So much for the "no spill/ no leak/ no mess"! This really should read "less spills/less leaks/less mess than an open cup". It has still been a good transitional option before an open cup but boy do I wish it kept the liquids in better! Additionally, the silicone is quite fragile and we did have one break after only brief use as I was putting it back together. I have to be extra careful/gentle to ensure that we do not have another one break during assembly.
Sarah | 9/28/2017 4:30 PM
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