You cannot always choose how easily your baby will feed and you may want to take a break from breastfeeding, take heart you can now choose their perfect bottle with Comfort.

Learn more about the benefits of using Nûby’s Comfort™ 360° PLUS+™ feeding bottles


The Mayo Clinic, Web MD, and BabyCenter recommend upright feeding to help reduce risk of reflux and GERD, so Nûby™ has developed a bottle with a weighted straw that allows for upright feeding.

Unique Weighted Straw

Baby experts recommend feeding baby upright to help reduce the risk of reflux & GERD⁺. Yet with most baby bottles it is almost impossible to feeding in the upright position without tipping baby back in the reclining position. Take comfort, help is at hand with Nûby’s NEW Comfort™ 360° PLUS+™an innovative new bottle range that allows upright bottle feeding.

Breast-Like Shape & Skin-Like Feel

97% of moms approve* the breast-size natural shaped nipple for an easy latch and a natural transition between breast and bottle.

Superior Dual-Vent

Anti-colic Valves

The innovative Soft Flex™ silicone dual-vent anti-colic nipple reduces the amount of air your baby ingests, making feeding time more natural and enjoyable. Anti-colic valves in the base of the nipple and silicone nipple rim base allow air to flow into the bottle and away from the fluid that your baby is ingesting. This reduces the amount of suction your baby needs to apply and decreases the amount of air ingested.

Latch & Feed

in any position

Comfort™ 360° PLUS+™ bottles feature an innovative easy feed weighted straw that follows the milk allowing baby to latch on at any angle around the nipple. Parents can now feed at any position that is most comfortable for themselves and baby, including upright.


When baby has grown out of reflux, simply unplug the weighted straw and use like a normal bottle.

also available in



5 oz & 8 oz

*Based on a survey of 131 Mothers.

**96% of parents surveyed would recommend the 360 bottles to help prevent colic and reflux symptoms, user trials, 2016

+ The Mayo Clinic, Web MD, and BabyCenter recommend upright feeding to help reduce the risk of Reflux and GERD.