0-6m Comfort Pacifiers & Pacifinder™ Set

By Nuby
  • No more lost or dropped pacifiers
  • Orthodontic silicone baglet
  • SKU: 5838SOSM


Place open clip over clothing, slide ring over end of clip to fasten Pacifinder™ to clothing. To release, loosen ring from end of clip. Our Pacifinder™ pacifier clip is a practical solution to the problem of lost or dropped pacifiers. The Pacifinder™ pacifier clip ensures baby’s pacifier will always be within easy reach.

  • Includes two 0-6 months Comfort™ orthodontic pacifier & one 0+ months Pacinfinder­™
  • Orthodontic silicone baglet
  • Massaging bristles comfort teething babies
  • Gently cleans gums
  • No more lost or dropped pacifiers
  • BPA Free
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