All Natural Teething Gel with Gum-eez™ Teether

  • Benzocaine Free
  • All Natural
  • FAST ACTING Oral Pain Reliever
  • Dentist Approved
  • SKU: 23016


Gum-eez™ Teether
Gum-eez™ teether's unique textured design provides comfort to baby's delicate gums. It provides stiumlus to the lips and tongue which promotes the transition from nursing to chewing.

Dr. Talbot's™ All Natural Teething Gel
Dr. Talbot's™ Teething Gel is formulated to be All Natural with the fun aroma of Tutti Frutti. Safe if swallowed, Dr. Talbot's™ Teething Gel is Benzocaine Free and Non-Toxic. When using Dr. Talbot's™ All Natural Teething Gel, you can be confident that your child is not being exposed to harmful chemicals. 

  • 4+ months
  • 0.53oz/15g Teething Gel
  • All Natural
  • FAST ACTING Oral Pain Reliever
  • One Formula for Day & Night
  • Quickly soothes gums
  • Tuttu Frutti Flavored Gel
  • Dentist Approved
  • Benzocaine Free
  • Belladonna Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Non-Toxic
  • BPA Free


What should I do if my baby has teething pain?

We at Nuby know that teething can be a huge source of frustration and discomfort for little ones and their parents. As the #1 teether brand in the US and #1 teether brand worldwide, we have decades of experience trying to remedy this situation as naturally as possible. Our first recommendation is to use teethers - from soft silicone teethers at an early stage to hard and soft teethers with multiple teething surfaces or Pûr Ice gel for extra cooling and soothing.


Should I avoid using benzocaine based teething gels for children under 2 years of age?

In some cases, teething discomfort is so great that parents seek out a teething gel solution. At Nuby, child safety is our #1 concern, and we would prefer infants avoid ingesting a synthetic drug product like the ones containing benzocaine which according to the FDA "can lead to a rare but serious - and sometimes fatal - condition called methemoglobinemia", especially for children under 2 years old (source: 


What is your teething gel made from? How does it work without benzocaine?

We formulated our teething gel to be completely All Natural, using eugenol as a natural anesthetic ingredient from plant essential oils (extracted from clove) in order to avoid the synthetic drug benzocaine. Eugenol is widely used in the dental profession and is incorporated into many dental products. Although extremely rare, adverse reactions to Eugenol can occur with some people. 


Why do some people say your teething gel is spicy or has a bad taste?

While many people do enjoy the taste of clove, some consider it spicy, hot, or burning. We do add a natural tutti frutti flavor as well as natural stevia to make the product taste more appealing for all, but of course taste is not a uniform experience for everyone. 

In rare cases some people can be allergic to clove, just as they may be allergic to many other naturally occurring plants.  


Why choose eugenol, a natural extract of clove, if taste can be an issue for some people?

We believe clove extract is the safest, naturally effective anesthetic solution for teething pain. We believe it is better to risk your child not appreciating the taste of our safe natural product, than to risk giving a child under two years old a synthetic drug like benzocaine that the FDA directly recommends not to use.  "Methemoglobinemia caused by benzocaine may require treatment with medications and admission to a hospital. Serious cases should be treated right away. If left untreated or if treatment is delayed, methemoglobinemia may cause permanent injury to the brain and body tissues, and even death, from the insufficient amount of oxygen in the blood" ( Our philosophy has always been to offer the safest, natural solution even if it does come with the risk that those who do not like clove will not appreciate the taste. Taste unfortunately is not a uniform experience!


How should I use your teething gel?

Use your finger tip or cotton applicator to gently apply a small pea-size amount of Nuby Teething Gel to the affected area up to 4 times daily or as directed by a physician or healthcare provider. For infants under 4 months of age, ask a dentist or doctor before use.
As per the warning on the packaging, avoid using our teething gel if your child is at all allergic to clove (from which eugenol can be extracted), its component eugenol, or to Balsam of Peru.


What should I do if I give my child your teething gel and his/her initial reaction is negative? 

First of all, please only use Nuby teething gel as specified according to the directions and warnings on the packaging. Please only apply a small pea-size amount directly to the affected area (the gums) and not the tongue. From our own experience with the product, sometimes the first time a child tastes the product they are surprised by the taste and make a negative facial reaction, but after two or more further uses they enjoy the relief that the natural anesthetic eugenol provides and even begin to associate the tube with relief (we have been told stories of some children excited with eagerness at the sight of the tube). Of course, as we stated earlier, not all tastes are received the same way universally, nor is there any universal solution for teething that easily quiets any crying infant; while we wish our product did that for 100% of our customers, we have yet to encounter a single product that does.  


Will your product definitely quiet my crying, teething baby? 

There is no universal solution for teething that easily quiets any crying infant; while we wish our product did that for 100% of our customers, we have yet to encounter a single product that does.

That said, we have had countless positive comments in support of our product, e.g.: 

  •   "I tried it first on myself it was fine and it works wonderfully for my daughter" 
  •   "My nephew had this and loves it calmed him right down worked better then any other oragel." 
  •   "My son loves it and so do i!" 
  •   "It's great! Buy it. Just read the label and know only a pea sized dot should be applied. My 22 month old son loves it" 
  •   "My son uses this and loves it!! He prefers it over anything else!" 
  •   "it's fruity and instantly puts my child into a better mood" 
  •   "My daughter uses this and loves it. She settles right down and starts clicking her tongue" 
  •   "Bought this product for my daughter about a month ago and it's perfect! I put it on her gums and she's calm. Have no problem! We love this product!" 
  •   "IT HAS CLOVE IN IT. Read the ingredients before you give it to your child. My daughter has the same stuff and it helps her wonders." 
  •   "Its cloves and it works wonders" 
  •   "It works miracles for my babies."
  •   "It smells like that because it's clove. It is natural and does work. Check any herbal site, it will tell you to use clove extract for tooth pain. I use this on my 4 month old and have no problems. She actually really likes it." 
  •   "Only thing that helps my little guy!" 
  •   "My daughter loves it. Helped a lot. I put a little bit and she's happy." 

We clearly have legions of happy customers who swear by the product and we are proud to have been able to offer them a natural, effective anesthetic solution to avoid using synthetic drugs.  

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