Vibe N’ Teethe™ Wristband

By Nuby
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  • Secure on wrist, no need to grip
  • Provides gentle massaging for baby’s gums
  • SKU: 569


The Vibe N’ Teethe™ vibrating wristband by Nûby™ is designed to help increase circulation in your baby’s gums and reduce discomfort and swelling. As baby bites on the Vibe N’ Teethe™, gentle vibrations instantly begin to comfort their gums. It fits securely on baby’s wrist, so there is no need for it to be held.

  • 3+ months
  • Battery included
  • Secure on wrist, no need to grip
  • Textured vibrating bracelet provides gentle massaging for baby’s gums
  • Soft silicone surface
  • BPA Free
Customer reviews
I can't seem to find a replacement battery
I bought this for my daughter she has autism so her specialist recommend we bought a vibrating teether of some sort to help with sensory issues. It helps big time only problem I have is finding a battery I've been to 5 or 6 stores and can't find a battery and it's been a real struggle because she needs it. I'm scared to buy a battery online because what if it doesn't fit. So I would really like an answer for this question please what replacement battery do I get for this. I understand there's number and letters on the battery but when I check the same number for like energized or another battery it's too big or too fat or too small. So PLEASE where do I get a replacement battery.
Chaylynn | 1/17/2018 12:19 PM
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